Sonali Dane


Sonali studies Marketing, Business Analytics, and Management in Wharton. After graduating, she hopes to get into movie marketing roles at entertainment studios.

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..." Jobs

  • Applied to multiple Disney internships - all failed
  • Didn't make it to the interview for 90% of the consulting jobs that I applied for


Clubs that "weren't a good fit"

  • Social Impact Consulting
  • Penn International Impact Consulting
  • Almost all consulting clubs at Penn
  • 180 Degrees Consulting
  • Hype


Everyday L's of Life

  • Unable to regularly facetime my family
  • Not being able to hangout with friends whom I have lost touch with since sophomore/junior year


Failures That Seemed Like the End of the World Back Then But Don't Matter in Hindsight

  • I failed so many exams in Econ, Finance, Acct, STATs,.....especially in Econ where I got quite significantly below the mean.
On the Bright Side


Memories I Made When I Wasn't Studying/Working

  • Vietnamese Students Association Culture show (4th year in a row)
  • Karaoke/movie nights with my friends
  • PEER retreats, ILP (Intercultural Leadership Program) retreats


Things I've Learned That Will Still Matter in 10 Years

  • Be kind to everyone and show them respect: people remember kindness.
  • Don't expect things from others if I can't demonstrate those qualities in myself.
  • Awesome things happen when one adopts a positive and hopeful attitude.


Thing I'm Proud Of That You Won't See on a Resume

  • I'm proud that I have made great friendships with genuine people who inspires me to be a kinder, better and more optimistic person everyday.


Quirk That Makes Me Who I Am

  • I need to have something red in my food otherwise I won't enjoy it lol


Thing I've Done That Pushed Me Out Of My Comfort Zone

  • Working on an app startup for resettlement agencies to improve their communications


Unconventional Skill

  • Putting a smile on anyone's face :)


Leap of Faith

  • Working in Hollywood!


Books I've Read For Fun

  • Agatha Christie's crime novels
  • The Notebook
  • The Alchemist