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E'19, W'19

Kristin is a senior studying Business Analytics and Computer Science. She plans to enter consulting after graduation.

L's Taken


Clubs that "weren't a good fit"

  • Social Impact Consulting
  • Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement
  • Strictly Funk
  • Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment
  • Hype


Everyday L's of Life

  • Getting the wrong order from NomNomBowl, going back to switch it, and then dropping the new bowl on the ground and falling in a puddle on my way back to class
  • Twisting my ankle at a trampoline park and then falling down the stairs the next day
  • Forgetting my umbrella, going outside just as it starts pouring, and getting inside just as it stops


Failures That Seemed Like the End of the World Back Then But Don't Matter in Hindsight

  • Getting rejected from the LSM dual degree program
  • Losing club elections
  • Performing the worst in my group in MGMT100
On the Bright Side


Memories I Made While I Wasn’t Studying/Working

  • Skipping around in onesies with best friends until late into the night
  • Trips to Boston to dance my heart out with all of West Philly Swingers
  • An unforgettably tasty thanksgiving potluck with enough heartwarming feels to warm up Harnwell Dungeon of all places
  • All the times the people important to me made time to be present with each other
  • Cramming 6 people into a bedroom made for 2 and enjoying late nights of chatting with no wifi or distractions
  • Many, many cuddle puddles


Books I've Read For Fun

  • The Three-Body Problem
  • The Leavers
  • For One More Day
  • The Time Keeper
  • Flash Boys
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Inferno
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
  • Corporate Finance, 10th Edition (just kidding)


Unconventional Skills

  • Needle felting
  • Knowledge of two breakdancing freezes but nothing more
  • Random allergies
  • Kind of knowing how to shuffle like those kids at the EDM shows
  • Making pigeon sounds