Anastasiya Kravchuk-Kirilyuk


Anastasiya graduated Penn in 2017. Since graduating, she spent a gap year doing research with Stephanie Weirich at Penn. Anastasiya is now a first year Master's student in COS at Princeton, with a plan to transfer to the PhD program next year

L's Taken


"Thank you for applying but..." Jobs

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • AirBnB
  • MongoDB
  • PhD program at Northeastern University
  • PhD program at University of Maryland


Clubs That "weren't a good fit"

  • Penn Debate Club
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon


Thing I Swore I'd Finish But Never Did:

  • Writing a paper on my gap year research


Everyday L's of Life:

  • Projected an email for my TA to a class of freshmen
  • Used a laundry service because too much had accumulated
  • Dropped my towel in the cat litterbox
  • Left out meal-prepped pasta unrefrigerated overnight
  • Took a cab to class because I was late


Failures That Seemed Like the End of the World Back Then But Don't Matter in Hindsight:

  • Completely failing the final OS project
  • Completely failing the algorithms final
  • Getting a C+
  • Not getting accepted into the submat program
On the Bright Side


Memories I Made When I Wasn't Studying/Working:

  • Met my partner of 5.5 years
  • Adopted my two cats
  • Explored the city with my family
  • Cried watching The Office finale
  • Swam with the pigs


Things I've Learned That Will Still Matter in 10 Years:

  • The elegance and beauty of functional programming
  • Buying eggs in bulk - it's cheaper that way and they keep a long time


Things I'm Proud of That You Won't See on a Resume:

  • My personal values
  • Cooking for myself
  • Keeping a plant alive for over a month
  • Building my furniture
  • Donating clothes at least twice a year


Unconventional Skills:

  • Can roll my tongue
  • Can whistle
  • Can touch my eyeball without flinching


Quirks That Make Me Who I Am:

  • Being a crazy cat lady
  • Preferring seltzer over soda
  • Complete denial of death as a concept


Things I've Done That Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone:

  • Rode a rollercoaster
  • Called to schedule apartment maintenance


Leap of Faith:

  • Everything is a leap of faith when you have impostor syndrome + anxiety, but it all works out in the end!